The 25th IFIP International Conference on Testing Software and Systems
Nov 13-15, 2013
Istanbul, Turkey

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  • Workshop on Risk Assessment and Risk-driven Testing (RISK), November 12
    The objective of the workshop is to bring together industry and science by providing a platform for discussion, interaction and collaboration. Industrial papers should either describe challenges of system or software testing that could trigger future research activities or present comparable results of applying techniques for risk analysis or risk-based testing. Research papers are expected to present promising ideas or possi-ble solutions to industrial challenges in the field of risk-based quality assurance.

    Organizing Committee
    Thomas Bauer, Fraunhofer IESE. 
    Jürgen Großmann, Fraunhofer FOKUS       
    Fredrik Seehusen, SINTEF ICT       
    Ketil Stølen, SINTEF ICT, University of Oslo       
    Marc-Florian Wendland, Fraunhofer FOKUS

  • Workshop on Future Internet Testing (FITTEST), November 12    
    The Future Internet (FI) will be a complex interconnection of services, applications, content and media, possibly augmented with semantic information. It will offer a rich user experience, extending and improving the current hyperlink-based navigation. Key technologies contributing to the development of FI services and applications include rich, complex, dynamic and stateful client-server systems. In such systems, the clients interact asynchronously with the servers, where applications are organised as services, usually around an enterprise service bus, taking advantage of dynamic service discovery, replacement and composition. Adaptivity and autonomy improve the user experience, by dynamically changing both the client and the server side, through capabilities such as self-configuration and self-healing. As a consequence, FI applications will exhibit emergent behaviours, which are hard to predict at design time.

    Organizing Committee   
    Kiran Lakhotia, CREST, University College London   
    Tanja E.J. Vos, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia



Call for Workshops:

ICTSS 2013 invites submissions for workshop proposals on topics of interest to the ICTSS series. The workshops will be either half day or one full day. Depending on the number of accepted workshops, the workshops will be scheduled either on Nov 12, Nov 13, or Nov 16, 2013. Proposals for workshops should be submitted in PDF format directly to the workshops chair.

The workshop organizers will be responsible for the workshop proceedings.

Workshops registrations will be handled by the local organization and it will include venue and coffee break costs, and in the case of full day workshops lunch. If the workshop organizers wish to include other charges to cover additional costs, they must inform the workshops chair. One organizer for each workshop will also be granted free registration for the main conference. However, this is not to be understood as a condition waving required author registration for an accepted paper for the main conference.

Each workshop proposal must contain all related information, including the following:

  • Workshop title;
  • Short description of the topic and format of the workshop;
  • Explanation of why the proposed workshop is a good match with ICTSS 2013;
  • Names and contact information of the workshop organizer(s);
  • Names of members of the program committee;
  • Proposal for important dates (paper submission deadline, notification deadline, etc.);
  • Expected number of participants;
  • In case of previous instances of the workshop, the historical numbers of participants;
  • In case of previous instances of the workshop, the historical submission and acceptance counts;
  • Preferred workshop duration and date(s).

The decision about acceptance/rejection of workshop proposals will be made by the workshop chairs, taking into account also the venue capacity. Evaluation criteria include overall quality and the fit within the ICTSS series.

The organizers of successful workshops will be responsible for their own reviewing process and publicity. ICTSS 2013 organization can handle website hosting if the web content is provided by the workshop organizers.

The workshop organizers are required to cooperate closely with the workshops chair to finalize all details, provide input for publicity to the ICTSS 2013 organizers, etc. In particular, local organizers may require that all workshops adhere to a specific general timetable to facilitate catering. Workshop organizers must inform the workshops chair of the numbers of submissions and acceptances as these numbers become available. Workshops with fewer than 10 expected registrants may be canceled at the discretion of the conference organizers.

Workshops Chair

  • Vahid Garousi, University of Calgary, CA

Deadlines for Workshops

  • May 15, 2013 Deadline for submission of workshop proposals
  • Jun 01, 2013 Notification of workshop proposal acceptance